Would your class or organization like to have an educational session on guinea pigs? Contact us!

We can discuss proper cages, diet, answer questions about guinea pigs and explain the importance of adopting. *Depending on availability, we can also bring a pig or two for hands-on experience.

*Only if we have pigs with a calm demeanor who won’t become stressed at an event of this nature.

Since 2008 Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue has helped find homes for over 400 guinea pigs.  We have provided sanctuary to those too old or ill to be adopted out. 

Without the help of foster homes and generous donations, we would not be able to continue our work.  Find out how you can assist us with our education, rescue, and rehabilitation efforts.

The best way to help us is to get the word out...adoption over shopping. 

Our pigs have been to the vet, correct gender determined, socialized, and paired up if appropriate.  

We provide an adoption packet with helpful and accurate information needed to get you started and we are there for you when you have questions or concerns with your new family members.

Metro Guinea Pig Rescue


For the Good of All Pigs

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"But the pet store sells them..."

Keep in mind, pet stores are about the bottom line.  Question and research everything before making a purchase.  This includes (but not limited to) food, treats, toys and hideys. They sell things that are not the best choices for all species, but we are going to focus on guinea pig things. 

Guinea pigs do NOT need:

  • Exercise balls or wheels in cages.  Backs can break, toes can get caught. 
  • MIneral/salt wheels.  They get all their nutrition from timothy hay, fresh veggies and fruits, and pellets.
  • Speaking of pellets, stay away from the ones with colored bits.  They only need a quality, plain timothy based pellet such as Oxbow or KM's Timothy Choice. Buying online in bulk is best.You can freeze pellets in an airtight container!
  • Hideys.  Well, yes, they need a place to feel safe from all the imaginary hawks in your home (!), but store bought hideys are not the answer.  Use things with more than one entrance so no one gets trapped.  Overhead canopies are best. You can stretch a towel or fleece over one end of cage to provide a retreat.  They will actually be more social without a place to cower and hide in!
  • Sweet/yogurt/seeded treats.  Instead, offer your pigs small pieces of fresh fruit or small medallions of carrot.  The only commercial treat we approve of is Oxbow's line of treats.  Developed by vets, they are nutritious, tasty and safe!

If ever in doubt about a specific item, feel free to email us or go to  www.guinealynx.info.

Reach Out

Work with members in your community and make a difference

At this time we are not accepting private surrenders. Please find other avenues to rehome your family members, if that is the last resort.  Here are sites where you can list your pigs: Guinea Pig Zone and Guinea Lynx. Please charge a substantial adoption fee to weed out those not serious and research questions asked by rescues. Come up with your own list to make sure your pets are getting the best possible home you can find for them.