Metro Guinea Pig Rescue


For the Good of All Pigs


This is the "main rescue" site and can house up to 2 pair.  There are 3 sanctuary pigs living here.


This foster can house 1 pair or two singles.

Lisa Sharp, founder and director of AMGPR, is a lifelong animal lover. She began pet-sitting at an early age and has always had pets of her own. Her first foray into the rescue world was helping to organize a "piggy train" from a Maryland shelter. Over 100 pigs made their way through the southeast with the help of dozens of volunteers! The pig you see as "The Face of AMGPR" is Ozzy, one of the first pigs that found a home with Lisa and her herd.

Before starting Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue, she volunteered at  Atlanta Humane Society  and North Georgia Guinea Pig Rescue.

Currently, along with her husband and son, Lisa shares her home with 7 of her own guinea pigs and a wonderful Newfoundland dog, Walter. Lisa is involved in her son's high school hockey team, acting as team manager, and she volunteers for the East Cobb Robotics First Team #4910, helping in any way she can.  She has recently added hiking and bird watching, more specifically owl watching, to her list of hobbies. Gardening and watching hockey also top the list of fun things to do!


We believe education is the best way to curb the upward spiraling numbers of surrenders.

"I may not be good at many things, but guinea pigs I know.  This is the one thing I can do and do well and make a difference in a few lives."


Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue is dedicated to the health and welfare of guinea pigs and to the education of the people that care for them.

our foster team

Our founder


This home has room for a pair, or two singles.

Without our foster homes, the number of guinea pigs we help would be greatly reduced.  Our fosters are an integral part of the team and have become like family. 

Below you will see where our fosters are located and how many guinea pigs they can house.  The cages are always full.


This home currently cares for a sanctuary pair and can house one other pair.


Guinea pigs will no longer be "disposable" pets bought on impulse.  They will be members of the family cared for their entire lives.